Nisyros Island
Nissyros! The volcanic island! …you will feel the alive volcano, bubbling under foot!

Nisyros, one of the smallest and beautiful islands of Dodecanese. Still untouched from today’s modernism, is rich in unparalleled natural beauties and cultural heritage. it leads its life between the white painted  narrow streets of its capital Mandraki, and the semi-wild nature of Volcanic Valley.Have your breath taken away, as our guide accompanies you in coach, driving up 2000 feet to the highest point of the mountain for visit to the Volcano, one of the few dormant volcano’s in the world.

Experience the incredible panoramic view before starting the descent to the crater, where you will feel the alive volcano, bubbling under foot, and see the sulphur hissing.The visit of the island is not complete without a homage to the old Byzantine castle, which hosts the Monastery of Virgin Mary, carved into the rock. Myth has it that Monastery was established by regretted pirates who became its first monks.

Kalymnos, Plati & Pserimos
Discover the secret coves and crystal clear waters of the Aegean sea.

Come and experience the freedom of the sea. Enjoy the luxury of a sailing yacht. Kalymnos, Pserimos and Plati. 3 islands with a different character each and one of those. Pserimos, a small traditional fishing village with a long golden sand beach circling the tranquil waters, gives you the chance to relax, swim or even enjoy a glass of ouzo accompanied by a plate of Greek “meze” !

Kalymnos, the sponge divers island, where the risk of deep diving is part of daily life. Last but least, Plati, a tiny island with no inhabitants, surrounded by crystal clear water, with a beautiful small chapel completing the picturesque scenery. You can have the opportunity to jump off the boat and appreciate the perfect sea first hand. This truly memorable day and provides the ideal measure of sightseeing and relaxation, perfect for your holiday.


Take a day to discover with us the unique charm of this outstanding unspoiled Greek island. It so-called as Jerusalem of the Aegean sea. The island where St. John the Apostle spent the last years of his life and he also wrote his Revelation. In 1088 by the order of the Byzantine Emperor, a Monastery was founded commemorating the life of his Holy man on the island.  Wealthy though merchant and navy, the island has to show a unique architectural example, a mix between Venetian, Greek and Oriental styles combined in the so called Captain’s Estates. Take a journey through history and culture through the narrow streets and the impressive villas, a journey worth every minute.


The Emerald island. A city surrounded by the impressive medieval walls. A place where the East meets West. The crossroad of civilizations. Knights, Merchants, Ottoman Pashas all left their trace in the picturesque Medieval City of Rhodes. Loose yourselves in the small shops and taverns and don’t forget to visit the Grand Master’s Palace,  a fine example of the Knight’s of St. John.

Turkey, Bodrum

Explore the mystique of Anatolia trapped in the aroma of spices and the semi-lighting marbled Turkish baths. Take a walk in a city that still holds the elegance of its ancient Ionian rulers, the magnificence of its Knights and the warm hospitality of the local fishermen and seamen. Haggle and barter the day, away in the filled bargain markets of Bodrum. During your stay, you also have the chance to join free city tour with the small bus, visiting the Ancient Amphitheatre carved in the heart of the mountain and the old windmills, overlooking the Bodrum bay.

Kos Island tour
Kos island is known all over the world for the natural beauties, the archeological sightseeing’s and culture.

The island tour program begins from Hippocrate’s tree (platan), next stop is the Asklepeion, a universal monument. After, we scale the mountains to the traditional village of Zia, enjoying the magnificent views. Continuing through the mountains for visit Pyli village with its fresh mountain spring. Next we leave the mountains in pursuit of a more likely resort, Kardamena, in the South part of the island. Time to browse around the shops at your leisure before we head to Kefalos village. In Kefalos you will enjoy lunch in a beachside restaurant in Kamari bay, and to enjoy the crystal clear sea at one of the best beaches of the island. Last, but not least, we visit Antimachia village, it is situated in the middle of the island, with the oldest active windmill on the island and a traditional Greek house.

Greek Evening in Zia
Live the experience of a Greek evening traditional entertainment!

Share with us the ultimate Greek experience an evening of traditional entertainment. Before the evening starts, while away a little time in the charming mountain village of Zia and enjoy the mountain top views before going to restaurant Fantasia, where the festival it will be held. There you will eat , drink, dance the night away, watching the experts for some inspiration. Unlimited supply of wine accompanies a selection of Greek food. A fantastic night out for adults and children alike.

Thermal Springs
This day provides the perfect relaxation for all the family members!

On the coastal road passing through Psalidi in the Agios Fokas region some 10 km from Kos Town these sulpher springs feed into a rock pool, where the hot water from the spring mixes with the cooler water from the sea to produce a warm therapeutic bath!!! The waters have been tested and it is said to have healing properties for those with skin ailments. This day provides the perfect relaxation for all the family members.