Air Taxi Services

Air Taxi Services

Our Air taxi services, guarantee the most time and cost effective way. Plan your business itinerary, and let yourself on the experienced hands of pilots of our company, to reach your destination swiftly and safely. Travel along with your family or your friends.

Air flight tours

Fly with us, over the blue of the Greek sea, and the picturesque land. If you wish to explore Greece, by visiting multiple places, without having to wait for transit flights or ferries schedules. Our Air taxi services give you the possibility to save transport time, make you avoid unwanted overnight stays. Allowing you a flexible flight schedule by transporting you wherever you wish, whenever you like.

Take the chance to see your preferred destination, from a different perception. This is the time for a different type of sightseeing.

We provide you with specific tours, but feel free to create your own. Make your selection, send us your request, and we will make it, true.

We use <Piper Seneca> aircrafts which are very agile, fast, efficient and equipped with two turbocharged engines, able to cruise at 25.000ft at speed of 320km/h. Our airplanes are capable to carry up to 5 persons.

Our aircrafts share bases in Kos, Heraklion, Santorini.